UMB, Indonesia's First Floating University

UMB, Indonesia's First Floating University

Reservoir or man-made lake located next to the main building of Muhammadiyah University Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan | Photo credit: UMB

MUHAMMADIYAH University of Banjarmasin’s building is considered the first ever floating campus in Indonesia.

The building is located on Jalan Gubernur Sarkawi, Lingkar Utara, Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan.

The university was inaugurated on Saturday (May 5, 2018) by Muhammadiyah chairman Haedar Nashir.

The man after whom the main building was named, Ahmad Azhar Basyir, was a scholar, intellectual, and also Muhammadiyah chairman 1990-1995.

The university's six storey building was built on an area of 13,000 square meters.

Authority also planned to create a reservoir or man-made lake and an artificial island next to the building, providing students' sports and outdoor activities.

Banjarmasin's Muhammadiyah University has now six schools and 17 departments (graduate program), and a post-graduate study program.[sahrudin]
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