A Long, Winding Road: IAIN Palangkaraya

A Long, Winding Road: IAIN Palangkaraya

A building of State-owned Institute of Islamic Studies Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. | Photo credit: IAIN Palangkaraya

SCHOOL of Tarbiyah (Islamic Education) Al-Jamiah Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan was established in 1972. The college was actually the forerunner of today’s IAIN (State-owned Institute of Islamic Studies) of Palangkaraya.

The School of Tarbiyah Al-Jamiah was inaugurated by Rector of IAIN Antasari Banjarmasin at that time, Mr Mastur Jahri.

Religious Affairs Department’s Directorate General for Islamic Institution Development granted a “Registered” (the lowest status in Indonesia’s educational-institutional system) to this college through a decree of Kep/D.V218/1975.

During that period there weren’t many students of the college.

School of Tarbiyah Al-Jamiah once had only six students who were then able to complete their diploma program.

In 1985, School of Tarbiyah Al-Jamiah enlisted in the BKS-PTAIS (Indonesian Private Islamic Universities Association).

The college was formally accepted as a new member of the Kopertis (Private Universities Coordinating Body) Region IV Surabaya on January 19, 1985 based on Decree No. 008/104/0/BKS-PTAIS/1985.

School of Tarbiyah Al-Jamiah Palangkaraya was subsequently upgraded into a state-owned School of Tarbiyah. 

The college officially became part of School of Tarbiyah of Banjarmasin’s IAIN Antasari, in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 9/1988 and a Religious Affairs Ministerial decree issued on July 9, 1988.

State-owned School of Tarbiyah Palangkaraya, again, changed its name and status into STAIN (State-owned Islamic College) Palangkaraya in 1997, based on Presidential Decree No. 11/1997 and Religious Affairs Ministerial Decree No. 301/1997.

The change of status provided the college with great opportunities to applying their own management style.

Besides, developing institution and its departments and study programs to keep pace with current educational development.

Finally, STAIN Palangkaraya was improved into an IAIN on Friday, October 17, 2014 after President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono signed a decree No. 144/2014.

IAIN Palangkaraya now becomes a member of AIUA or ASEAN Islamic Universities Association.

This university continues to build relationships with various domestic and foreign universities.

IAIN Palangkaraya today has four schools (Ushuluddin/Islamic theology, Literature and Da’awaa; Shari’a/Islamic Law; Education and Teachers College; as well as Business Economics) and are developed into eight departments and 18 study programs.[sahrudin]
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