River Kapuas, from the Muller-Schwaner to Karimata Strait

River Kapuas, from the Muller-Schwaner to Karimata Strait

River Kapuas in West Kalimantan. | Photo credit: Jemmi Alexander

THE KAPUAS of West Kalimantan Province is Indonesia’s longest river.

River Kapuas flows from the Müller-Schwaner Mountain Range and empties into the Karimata Strait.

Müller-Schwaner Mountain Range is situated among three provinces: West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, and East Kalimantan.

River Kapuas is estimated to be between 1,086 kilometers and 1,178 kilometers long.

The river flows through several regencies and municipalities, such as Kapuas Hulu, Sintang, Sanggau, Sekadau, Kubu Raya, Mempawah and the City of Pontianak.

West Kalimantan’s river Kapuas is not to be confused with the Kapuas of Central Kalimantan.

Despite sharing the same name, the Kapuas of West Kalimantan is absolutely not related to Central Kalimantan’s Kapuas.

Central Kalimantan’s river Kapuas flows southward approximately “only” 600 kilometers through the heart of Kapuas Regency from its source to its mouth in Java Sea.

Probably the similarity that clearly visible between the Kapuas of West Kalimantan and that of Central Kalimantan, is that both rivers have always been important to people — many of them settled along the riverbanks, where they catch fish to eat, and water for laundering and bathing.[sahrudin]

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