Expand Your Knowledge by Visiting West Kalimantan Museum

Expand Your Knowledge by Visiting West Kalimantan Museum

Dayaknese and Malay figure statues in the front yard of West Kalimantan Museum, on Jalan Ahmad Yani Pontianak. | Photo credit: Adi Balola

WEST Kalimantan Museum was initiated by the province’s Culture and Education Department in 1974.

Located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Pontianak, the museum was opened to the public on Tuesday, October 4th, 1983.

West Kalimantan Museum is divided into two main areas: indoor and outdoor.

The indoor area is divided into three rooms, each with a different theme: Knowledge Room, West Kalimantan Culture Room, and Ceramics Room.

Collections of Knowledge Room comprises: numismatics (coins, tokens, medals and related objects), geographic and geologic (geological maps and an extensive collection of rocks), and biological objects (skeletal material including skull and postcranial bones, plants, and animals).

There are also, in the room: historical, heraldry (coats of arms, seal stamps), and archaeological collections (materials derived from Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic ages).

Objects can be seen in West Kalimantan Culture Room include: equipments used in traditional ceremonies, traditional costumes, and other stuffs related to local life.

Ceramics’ Room collections comprise: historical crocks, plates, bowls, and spoons from China, Vietnam, Japan and some European countries.

The museum’s outdoor area provides large-sized collections, which are, generally speaking, no worry about its safety (from being stolen).

Things can be found in this area are, for examples: replicas of Dayaknese coffin, a Sanskrit inscription from the 9th century, rice granary, floating house, thatched hut used for drying copra, and manual rubber sheet press machine.

West Kalimantan Museum opens six days a week: Tuesday-Sunday, 08.00 – 14.00; Friday, 08.00-11.00 and 12.30-14.00. The museum may be closed on Monday and public holidays.[sahrudin]

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