Electrifying the Border: West Kalimantan PLN to Expand Power Access to "Frontmost" Villages

Electrifying the Border: West Kalimantan PLN to Expand Power Access to "Frontmost" Villages

West Kalimantan PLN held a conference after completion of recently electrical installation in eight villages of West Kalimantan province. | Photo credit: Fransiskus Diaan.

RESIDENTS of eight villages in West Kalimantan province near the Malaysian border, are no longer living without electricity. 

State-owned power company, PLN, has recently connected 654 households in the "frontmost" villages to electricity.

The villages are: Pala Pasang and Suruh Tembawang (in Sanggau regency); and villages of Laja Sandang, Kumang Jaya, Semuntik, Kantuk Asam, Kantuk Bunut, and Merakai Panjang of Kapuas Hulu regency.

Head of West Kalimantan PLN, Ari Dartomo, said, the electricity access is to be hoped to support economic growth in the so-called "3T" (frontmost, outermost and deprived) communities.

"Besides, improving quality of people life and human resources of the area", Mr Dartomo said last week (Wednesday, March 31, 2021) as posted on PLN's Instagram.

Prior to electrical installation on the eight villages, the company has expanded the JTM (medium voltage network) up to 82.55 kms (circuit kilometers); 28.71 kms of JTR (low voltage network); and 21 units of distributing power houses with a total capacity of 1,125 kilo Volt Ampere (kVA).

The total project investment costs Rp 23 billions, or Rp 35 millions per-household.

Regent of Kapuas Hulu, Fransiskus Diaan, stated: "I, on behalf of local government administrator and people of Kapuas Hulu regency, to thank PLN and to all who have contributed in this great work."

"PLN turns night into day in those villages. We greatly appreciate it", Mr Diaan said, adding that he also encouraged residents to take care of every public facility that they already have.[sahrudin]
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