In Pictures: Congregational Tarawih at Pasuruan's Dalwa Boarding School

In Pictures: Congregational Tarawih at Pasuruan's Dalwa Boarding School

Thousands students and teachers of Dalwa Islamic Boarding School to perform congregational tarawih (additional night prayer) at the institution's courtyard, in Bangil, Pasuruan, East Java, Sunday (April 25, 2021). | Photo: Waode Fatmawati.

DIVIDED into more than 16 shaffs (rows), approximately 1,500 santris (students) along with asatidzs (teachers) of Dalwa Islamic Boarding School, to perform congregational qiyamullail or tarawih (additional evening prayer) in the open air, Sunday (April 25, 2021).

As in other places of Muslim majority, the mass prayers becomes a usual sight every evening during the fasting month of Ramadan.

What makes the congregational prayers look so different is, that the boarding school organizes it outdoor at the institution's main yard. 

Dalwa Islamic Boarding School is a private educational institute, situated on Jalan Raya Raci, Bangli, Pasuruan of East Java province.

Bangil's Dalwa is now home to thousands santris studying different educational levels, starting from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, to undergraduate and post-graduate programs.

Dalwa Boarding School also owns student-run businesses such as hotel and minimarket.

The Islamic boarding school was founded in 1982 by a prominent cleric Habib Hasan Baharun (1934-1999), with only six santris.

The Dalwa, at that time, carried out learning and teaching activities in a rented house.

They didn't yet own building, let alone educational facilities, compared to today's large, impressive buildings with well-equipped educational facilities.[sahrudin]

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