In Pictures: Military Academy to Welcome New Governor

In Pictures: Military Academy to Welcome New Governor

Brig Gen Candra Wijaya (right) succeeds Maj Gen Totok Imam Santoso as Akmil Governor.

IN THE presence of the Army Chief of Staff, General Andika Perkasa, the handover ceremony of Military Academy (Akmil) Governor from the outgoing Major General Totok Imam Santoso to the incoming Brigadier General Candra Wijaya, took place at the Army Headquarters in Jakarta, Thursday (April 1st, 2021).

The next ceremonious farewell and welcoming to be held in Akmil Headquarters in Magelang, Central Java, on Monday (April 5), and was attended by the academy officials. 

The military officers expressed gratitute to Maj Gen Totok Imam for the leadership skills he has shown as Akmil Governor.

Maj Gen Totok Imam has served as Akmil Governor since August 10, 2020, replacing his predecessor Maj Gen Dudung Abdurachman which is now Jakarta Military Commander.

Meanwhile, the new Akmil Governor Brig Gen Candra Wijaya previously served as Chief of Staff at the 9th Regional Military Command, or Kasdam IX/Udayana. 

Maj Gen Totok Imam wished to his sucessor Brig Gen Candra Wijaya, success and continuation of new position as Akmil Governor.[sahrudin]

Brig Gen Candra Wijaya signed a handover certificate, marking his new duty as Governor of Akmil (Military Academy).

Maj Gen Totok Imam Santoso kissed the Military Academy ensign, expressing pride and loyalty to the institution as part of Indonesia Army.

Mrs Tanti Tamsil, wife of the outgoing Akmil Governor Maj Gen Totok Imam Santoso, received a farewell flower arrangement from Akmil cadets.

Maj Gen Totok Imam Santoso and wife say goodbye to officers, soldiers and cadets of Military Academy.

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