Aesthetic and Functional: Stoneworks from Magelang, Central Java

Aesthetic and Functional: Stoneworks from Magelang, Central Java

Motorcyclist passes by a stoneworks gallery in Muntilan subdistrict, Magelang, Central Java. | Photo: Sahrudin.

MOST of stone craftsmen in Magelang, Central Java, use volcanic rocks (often shortened to volcanics) or andesite, limestone and also granite.

They create both interior and exterior stone products. From functional kitchen stoneware to aesthetic architectural products, including sculptures and statues.

Prices may vary between stoneworks galleries. They also differ according to sizes. The more difficult to create, as a general rule, the more expensive they are.

Data provided by local government administrator, indicating that the earliest generation craftsmen might have began to work with stone in 1960s.

A decade later, stoneworks galleries started to open and popped up, mainly in Magelang's subdistricts of Mungkid and Muntilan.

Stone craftsmen almost never had a problem in obtaining materials. Mount Merapi, which is situated about 15 kilometers in the north east of Muntilan and Mungkid, no question, has been a giving volcano.

The 2,693 meters high volcano, through rivers flowing from their sources in the mountain's slope, always provides plentiful volcanics, materials that the craftsmen need.[sahrudin]
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