Dry Season Underway, but Year-Round "Gending" Springs Keep Us Cool

Dry Season Underway, but Year-Round "Gending" Springs Keep Us Cool

Boy somersaulting into a natural pond of Gending springs area, in Sukorejo village, Magelang, Central Java. | Photo: Sahrudin.

MAGELANG, Central Java as many other districts of Indonesia are entering dry season this end of March.

It means, as usual, dozens of villages will experience water shortages during the upcoming months.

Many streams, also water sources in the district are categorized seasonal and rain-dependent. 

They do not flow all the time.

Thankfully, Magelang still has year-round springs in an area called "Gending".

Located in Sukorejo village, some seven kilometers south of downtown Magelang, Gending is actually a multipurpose water source area. 

The headwater becomes one of 16 springs managed by "Tirta Gemilang", state-owned water utility that serves thousands of households in Magelang regency.

Men-only, one of three pools/sections of Gending springs area. | Photo: Sahrudin.

PEOPLE of Sukorejo and surrounding villages come to Gending everyday for bathing and washing clothes.

Day-trippers from towns outside Magelang also use the springs as a budget-friendly natural attraction to look in on.

Gending occupies a total area of 800 square meters, and is divided into several ponds.

The main, men-only pool, formed naturally just a few meters from the point where water flows out of the ground.

Two other sections comprise a women-only and a mixed ponds.

Several 1.5-meter-high walls to be built on the area as pools dividers.

Gravels, pebbles, river rocks and sand become natural floor of the ponds.

Snakeskin gourami, snakehead fish and freshwater shrimp are native species of Gending springs area.[sahrudin]
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