Nurul Ibadah, 200-Year-Old Mosque of Paser Belengkong

Moment after a Friday prayer in 200-year-old mosque Nurul Ibadah in Paser Belengkong village, Paser regency, East Kalimantan | Photo credit: Daffa Nada

CENTRAL mosque (masjid jami) "Nurul Ibadah" is located in Paser Belengkong village, Paser regency, East Kalimantan.

It is situated right next to Sadurangas museum, which was once the palace of Paser Belengkong sultanate.

The sultanate palace itself was built in the 19th century AD, and the mosque was actually inseparable part of it.

The mosque is 20 meters wide and 12 meters long. There are six wooden poles to support trusses and roofs of the mosque's main building.

Almost all parts of the mosque are made out of wood: its floor, walls, even the roofs. Two mosque attendants carry out daily care of the historical building.

A restoration undertaken by the Government in 1979 to 1981. The Nurul Ibadah becomes one of cultural heritages of Paser regency and East Kalimantan.[sahrudin]