Schools in Magelang Partially Reopen until June 16

Schools in Magelang Partially Reopen until June 16

Wearing face shields and masks, grade 9 students to partake in a face-to-face learning activity, in a junior secondary school in Magelang, Central Java, Monday (April 5, 2021). | Photo: Pemkot Magelang.

AFTER a year online, students and teachers in Magelang, Central Java finally set foot in their classrooms, started from Monday (April 5, 2021).

Magelang municipal government through its Education and Culture Agency, reopens 31 schools, less than one-fourth of total schools in the district.

The government plans to partially open the schools until April 16 amidst the ongoing pandemic.

"We have been carrying out the dry run with strict rules and limitations", Head of Magelang Municipality Education and Culture Agency, Ari Sujito says.

Teachers and students are expected to implement health procedures. They have to wear face covers or masks during in-person teaching activities.

"The first priority of every school system must be to protect the health and safety of students and teachers", Mayor of Magelang, dr Muchammad Nur Aziz, SpPd, adds.

For primary schools, only students of grade 6 are alllowed to take part in the trial program.

Classrooms of junior secondary schools open exclusively for grade 9 students, and senior secondary schools for grade 12 students.

They are divided in groups around half the size of normal classes, or no more than 15 persons. 

Students are kept apart from others, in order to minimise risk and keep them safe, according to government guidance.

The length of each lesson is set to a maximum of 30 minutes for primary schools, and 45 minutes for secondary schools, with only two lessons per-day.[sahrudin]
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